Please note that for the time being, in-clinic services only include physiotherapy. In addition, we are also continuing to offer virtual and in-home rehabilitation.

With your safety as our top priority, we have prepared the necessary COVID-19 safety precautions to meet the standards put out by the Ontario government and our regulatory bodies. Our priority is in keeping both our patients and staff safe. With this in mind, we have implemented changes to how we deliver care to our patients to ensure that appropriate hygiene and physical distancing measures are carried out. Our COVID-19 Safety Protocol is outlined below, which is in line with Ontario Public Health guidelines and may be altered to ensure it conveys current information and ensures everyone's safety.

Virtual and in-home rehabilitation remain a viable option for patients who are at a high-risk for a severe case of COVID-19 (over the age of 65 and/or have pre-existing health conditions), those who may have difficulty accessing transportation as well as those who feel safer receiving virtual care.

When booking a new appointment, we are conducting active screening measures prior to booking an appointment, as per the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 Patient Screening Guidance Document dated May 17, 2020. If a patient screens positive, the appointment will be deferred and they will be referred for testing and asked to contact their primary health care provider for guidance. As per Ontario Ministry of Health guidelines, a YES to any of the screening questions would indicate a positive COVID-19 screen. Should a patient test positive, we ask that they please notify the clinic.

Advance Physiotherapy Clinic COVID-19 Safety Protocol:

Physical Capacity

  • In order to ensure safety and reduce the risk of COVID-19, we must minimize contact between individuals
  • As per regulatory guidelines, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a 2 meter distance between individuals and have signage throughout the clinic as a reminder
  • To ensure that physical distancing is maintained and ensure proper cleaning protocols, we are limiting the number of clients allowed in the clinic and staggering appointments
  • We ask that our patients notify us upon their arrival and wait to be screened over the phone
  • To ensure timely appointments and enough time to disinfect/sanitize between patients, we kindly ask that you do not stay past your allotted appointment time
  • Due to our limited number of patients, please kindly give us 24 hour notice if for whatever reason you need to cancel your appointment by calling or emailing us at


  • We have implemented both passive and active screening measures in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Health guidelines
  • We ask that upon arrival, patients call the clinic and one of our staff will screen patients before being allowed into their appointments using the attached screening tool.
  • All staff are screened daily before providing care to patients
  • If a patient screens positive, their appointment will be deferred and they will be referred for testing. If a staff member screens positive they will not be permitted to provide patient care and will also be referred for testing. This may result in potential appointment cancellations as well

Contact/Droplet Precautions

  • We have installed plexiglass guards on the front desk
  • When possible, we ask you to provide your electronic signature rather than physically sign documents
  • For new clients, we ask that you fill out our consent/intake form online, which can be found on our website at the following link:
  • Our staff continues to adhere to strict hand hygiene and sanitizing between patients. We ask that patients also wash their hands immediately after entering and prior to leaving the clinic using proper hand washing techniques, as well as after touching commonly used surfaces. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic
  • Our staff utilizes proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We require all patients to wear a face mask, unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from doing so. If you do not have a mask, we are happy to provide you with one
  • We are adhering to strict cleaning/disinfection protocols. We have protective coverings over therapy tables which are removed and disposed after each patient use. Tables and equipment as well as other high-contact surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between patients with medical grade disinfectants
  • We ask that as much as possible, you limit the amount of personal items brought into the clinic

In-home Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation Therapist Sessions

  • For patients who require in-home sessions, the same contact/droplet precautions apply to patients and staff, including screening, applications of PPE and disinfection protocols
  • We require all patients to wear a face mask/shield
  • Active screening using the screening tool attached will take place upon the therapist's arrival. Should a patient screen positive, the appointment will be deferred and they will be referred for testing

Thank you for helping us in ensuring everyone remains as safe and healthy as possible. We understand these are challenging times and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this. We look forward to seeing you again and helping you in your road to recovery.